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In Usage Engine, streams are created inside solutions. Once inside a solution, you can create a new stream. However, you can also import a stream using the JSON schema or simply drag and drop your JSON file. There are example streams which you can import that have been curated by the team for you to play around and explore Usage Engine.  In the following image, each row depicts a stream.

Clicking Create Stream takes you to the Stream Editor where you can create the stream of your choice using the functions that are part of your subscription package. 

All streams you create in that solution are listed in a table. If you have several streams in the solution, you can search for streams and by selecting the streams in the table, you can manage them using actions and create Stream Groups

Selecting a single stream on the table enables the following actions for that stream:

  • Edit
  • Log
  • Audit
  • Schedule
  • Start
  • Debug Mode
  • Duplicate
  • Delete

Selecting two or more streams removes the actions mentioned above and gives you the choice to delete the streams together or create a stream group.

See the relevant section for more details.

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