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Core Platform - Description of packagesGrowth Commercial

Base services

Stream design, configuration, data preview, grouping, scheduling and execution

Operations logging and notifications

User Management

Standard integrations

Integrations (collection and forwarding) using industry-standard protocols, sources and targets. Excluding integrations for real-time streams (e.g. HTTP Server) and vendor-specific integrations (included in Value Packs).

For supported integrations and details, see InfoZone.

Standard processing functions

Data processing functions including; Map, Field organizer, Script and Route and more. For supported functions in detail, see InfoZone. (UPDATE WITH LINK EE)

Standard Audit

Default and stream audit - providing pre-built execution and input/output metrics

Advanced Audit

Custom Audit – user configurable audit metrics. For supported configuration options, see Custom Audit in InfoZone (ADD LINK) 

Standard Aggregation

Data Aggregator function with pre-built aggregation formulas (e.g. sum, count, max, min) aggregating data within a file and/or batch

Advanced Aggregation

Data Aggregator function with long-term persistency option (e.g. hours, days and month configuration) and conditional and/or time based flush options

Aggregation Inspector to visually inspect and manage stored aggregation sessions

Data Correction

Manage, repair and replay data identified as erroneous

Shared storage

Streams can access the same data. E.g. one stream writes data to the shared persistent storage that can be used by same or other streams.

Real-time streams

Always running (real-time) streams acting as real-time (servers), including HTTP Server.

Online Support

Product support under best effort, online channel.

Standard Support (SLA)

Product support under SLA, all available contact methods.

Additional cost

Value Packs GrowthCommercial

Salesforce Connect

Pre-built integrations to Salesforce: Query (using SOQL) and Bulk Upload (for usage data upload into Salesforce Billing/Revenue Cloud)

Additional costAdditional cost

SAP Connect

Pre-built integrations to SAP: Subscription Billing Query and Subscription Billing (for usage data post to Subscription Billing)

Additional costAdditional cost

Zuora Connect

Pre-built integrations to Zuora: Query (using ZOQL or Data Query) and Usage (for usage data post in bulk or per record to Zuora Billing)

Additional costAdditional cost
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