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  1. What is infozone strategy for charging in 5G network ? Is their a roadmap already available ?

    1. Unknown User (joakims)

      We have a Service Exposure and Monetization offering for 5G (and 4G) that we are publishing around Mobile World Congress this year (2018). Should someone from our Solutions team get in touch with you?

  2. I'm looking for the document about SAP Convergent Mediation sizing, or at least for minimum hardware requirements (CPU, RAM and storage). Can you tell me where is this information?

    1. There is no document with information on sizing or minimum hardware requirements specifically for SAP Convergent Mediation. Please contact your DigitalRoute sales representative who will be able to assist you in finding the information you require. 

    2. Hi Diego,

      As my experience ,the Mediation platform sizing depend on multiples criteria :

      • Business logic complexity
      • Number of WFs
      • Number of CDRs/EVENTs processed
      • Number of ECs used

      Based on this you can more or less define a sizing.

    3. Hi Diego,

      Try SAP the SAP site. For some reason I cant copy and paste the link here.

      Search on SAP Convergent Charging sizing. Under the inmplemntation section you will find a document on sizing and tuning of SAP CC4.0 

      Good luck

      Stuart Booy