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Conditional Trace is a trouble-shooting function, which allows you to set a trace filter on a route(s) and/or an Analysis agent(s) of a real-time workflow(s) so that you can track hits for a specific field value or range of field values. You set the trace that you require using a REST trace template in JSON format, and send the configured filter(s) using a cURL command, or you configure templates and filters in the Web UI, independent of MediationZone. You can include several filters in a trace, and the use of regular expression is supported for trace templates and filters to make their definition easier.

Several steps are required to enable Conditional Trace, as described in 2. Preparation of Conditional Trace. You are then required to configure a conditional trace template that you can modify according to the value(s) that you want to trace. You can use the Conditional Trace Template in the Desktop to manage your trace templates, the Web UI or there are several cURL commands that you can use, as described in 3. Managing Trace Templates. When you require to start and stop a trace filter, there are several cURL commands that you can use, or you can use the Web UI. See 4. Managing Trace Filters.

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