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This page contains release information and downloadable deliverables for the different releases of Usage Engine 2 and onwards. For each release the following downloadable deliverables are available:

  • Helm Chart Version and Git Tag - These are used to fetch the docker image for either new installation or upgrade. See the Installation Instructions or Upgrade Procedure sections in the documentation for your version.
  • Infrastructure templates for AWS - These are templates that can be used either as a reference or modified according to your infrastructure standards. See the Setup page in the Installation - AWS section in the documentation for your version.
  • mzcli - This is the file needed to use the mzcli command line interface. See the mzcli section in the documentation for your version. Note! From version 10.2, this file is not downloaded from this page, but from the platform instead.
  • CI/CD Example - These is an example of how to setup a CI/CD pipeline. The purpose is to show the typical procedures needed to build and test out configuration. See the Install the Example CI/CD Pipeline page in the documentation for your version. Here you can also find the URL for the Solution Base image.
  • Operations REST Interface, yaml and html - These are static instances of the operations REST OpenAPI that can be used to expose operations such as dynamic workflow configuration, workflow execution plan, external refrences, etc.

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