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Usage Engine is the latest generation of DigitalRoute usage data processing software. It is an enterprise-grade data processing platform, combining integration capabilities with class-leading data processing functionality to derive useful information and drive real-time decision-making for a large number of applications such as: billing, operations, revenue assurance, service assurance, entitlement enforcement, service control and business intelligence.

Usage Engine has been designed for a modern cloud-native architecture and associated operational model, focusing on the following areas:

  • Cloud-native design, with a clear separation between application and infrastructure, elasticity, and automated Life Cycle Management
  • Operational framework, using best of breed industry standards for non-core functions, using a plug-n-play approach
  • CI/CD support, with package management for solutions and test framework for automated test suite execution
  • Usability, with  clearly defined user interfaces for different user personas

 The documentation has been categorized according to how you work with Usage Engine:

In addition, information common to these roles is provided:

Start by selecting the version you want to view documentation for:

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