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The password to be encrypted will be entered here. All characters entered here will be masked.

View Password

Check this box to reveal the password. Uncheck the box to mask the password again.


An alias to be used when encrypting a password. When this option is not used, the system default key will be used. If you want to use this option, the path and password to the keystore has to be indicated by setting the Platform properties mz.cryptoservice.keystore.path and mz.cryptoservice.keystore.password. The keystore must also contain keys for all the aliases you want to use. For further information about these properties, see System Information[hide]2.0[/hide].

titleUsing an alias

In order to use this option, an alias must have been generated with the Java keytool.

Generate with Alias

Check this box to enable the option for alias to be used when encrypting a password.


Result of the encrypted password will be displayed from this text box. To copy the value within, you must use the Copy button.

Image Modified

Encrypt Password allows you to encrypt any password and prints out the result onto the text field.