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The default upgrade strategy is recreate for the Platform, and rolling upgrade for the EC:s.

For cases where blue/green or canary upgrade is required, there must be two deployments. For an example of a canary upgrade, see the httpDemo Helm chart in the Helm folder in the CI/CD pipeline example.

The CD pipeline is designed to create a new version of the configuration package running on a new EC. The old version is automatically removed. If the default rolling upgrade is overridden, the old version will still be running and processing all incoming data. Re-balancing the input load is not included in the example pipeline, as it is specific for each use case and customer.

Typical customizations to add:

  • Blue/green strategy: Redirect 100% of the load to the new version. Remove the old version when the testing period has passed (or redirect the load back to the old version if the test fails).
  • Canary: Redirect a part of the load to the new version, and run side-by-side with the old version during a test period. Then redirect 100% to one of the versions depending on the outcome of the test.

Upgrade of Platform

The pipeline is valid for upgrade of the Usage Engine platform as well. Download the new images and start the pipeline. Currently the updating the Platform will result in a restart of all the PODs.

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